Volunteer at Surrey Docks Farm

By Gemma Hooper | June 18 2019

Volunteer at Surrey Docks Farm

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    Volunteering at Surrey Docks Farm is a fun and enjoyable way to learn new skills, meet new people and contribute to your local community.

    Surrey Docks Farm is lucky to have over 70 regular volunteers dedicating their time each week. All volunteers play an important part in the running of the Farm and are valued for their contribution.

    Our volunteers are involved with all aspects of the Farm; such as caring for our animals, tending to our green spaces, serving customers in the farm shop or supporting staff to deliver our wide range of community and educational projects.

    In line with our Safeguarding Policy, most volunteer roles are for adults only, so to be eligible you will need to 18 years or older. The exception is our Livestock Weekday Volunteer role, where we can support volunteers aged 14+ due to higher staff ratios.

    Please be aware we have a small staff team so volunteer supervision is very limited. We will support and train volunteers in their roles, but do expect volunteers to be capable of working independently and safely.

    Visit our website to find out more about each volunteer role and to see where we have vacancies, if you find a role you’re interested in please complete the online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch!


    “I decided to volunteer to get more active and because I love being around animals. Since volunteering at Surrey Docks Farm for just over a year I have found that I am happy, healthy and content and much fitter as I have lost over a stone in weight without dieting, much better working on a farm, that in a gym. I would recommend volunteering to others as it gives you a great sense of well being and you also meet other like-minded people and can also get fitter at the same time, if you love animals, you can get closer to them and learn more about them.” Livestock Volunteer


    “I would recommend volunteering to people especially in my age group; not only is it a great thing for jobs/university’s but it gives you something to do that is both beneficial and fun.” Youth Support Volunteer


    “I would wholeheartedly recommend volunteering at the farm. I really look forward to going along and catching up with everyone, and the chance to be outdoors and away from the busy city while still only being a short walk from the Underground is really refreshing. The community spirit of the farm is so strong, and knowing you’re contributing to something special is absolutely awesome. Also, where else in London are you going to get the chance to play with goats and meet baby chicks after you finish work?” Farm Gym Volunteer


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