Virtually Amazing!

By Tanga Club Hexham | February 23 2020

Virtually Amazing!

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    We had a virtual blast on Friday night with the official roll out of our new Oculus headsets! These are great for exploring the world, escaping into paradise or floating off on the International Space Station – the choice is endless! The children (and predictably the adults too) were queuing up to have a go and they weren’t disappointed.

    Joining our newest volunteers Wendy and Chris was Eleanor – she was brilliant and very welcome as we were a bit thin on the ground (life happens sometimes but everyone’s ok and that’s what matters)…we pulled together as a team and had a great night! We are still looking for volunteers to add to the Tanga Army so please do get in touch!

    We were also joined for the first time by the lovely Josh from Smile Through Sport, who is going to be a regular at Tanga for the foreseeable future. We are so pleased to have him with us and we’re excited to learn what he has in store for the children.  He’s clearly VERY dedicated judging by the will power he showed refusing any of the delicious Greggs food we had on offer! A nice relaxed night enjoyed by all, roll on next week. Takiwatanga! Katherine x

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