Together for our Future

By Giovanna Speciale | October 13 2021

Together for our Future

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    Together for Our Future

    Thursday 14th October 7 – 9.30pm

    RSVP here (online – joining details to follow)

    Please join us for Together for our Future: an open collaborative gathering to identify ways that we, in Southeast London, can work together tackle the climate and nature crises.

    So many of us in southeast London are working to address aspects of the climate and nature crisis: some of us campaign, some plant trees, some work to address inequalities, we, at SELCE, promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and alleviate fuel poverty. We’re all working to address the same set of big and complex set of issues. But we cannot create meaningful change by working in silos. Big change happens when we form a common vision and work together.

    Our purpose is simple and important. We would like to bring southeast London based organisations or individuals together who, in their different ways, are working to tackle the climate and nature crisis. This includes

    • SE London based environmental community groups
    • Justice organisations who recognise that low-income people and those of colour are impacted first and hardest
    • Housing providers, schools and community centres who would like to respond to the climate crisis
    • Local authority: local councillors or officers from sustainability teams
    • Businesses who have committed to reduce their environmental impact
    • Residents of SE London who would like to respond to the climate crisis in their own lives

    We recognise that organisations who address social and racial justice are key to tackling the climate and nature crisis


    This will be an opportunity to realise of untapped potential for us, as a Southeast Londoners, to be more than the sum of our parts – to become a supportive community working toward common environment and justice goals. It could lead to new projects, partnerships, and perhaps funded work.

    This will be an “Open Space “meeting; that means the content is determined by you — the participants. The event will be inventive, creative, productive, and full of surprises.

    This is not to suggest that the meeting will not have content or outcomes, for there certainly will be both. The content is what each person shares, and the outcome is what we will all create. It will be a space in which clear thinking and creativity can flourish.

    Differences of opinion do exist, but it is out of this that rich diversity that powerful new ways of working can emerge. There are no sacred cows and no undiscussables. The only caveat is this: if you would like to question the existence of a nature or climate emergency, this is not a meeting that is for you. We would kindly invite you to take those views to other forums

    In recognition that Covid remains an issue, we’re holding this meeting on-line and making use of the wonders of technology. If you would like to attend but will struggle to get online, you can join by phone. Please let us know if you need support to be able to join.

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