Thursday 26th March

By Mark Shearer | March 26 2009

Thursday 26th March

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    It’s the big turn off ••• for the right reasons The WWF is promoting its Earth Hour event this Saturday at 8.30pm. It’s a time when people, businesses and councils turn off their lights for an hour to raise awareness of climate change. The WWF want to reach 1 billion people – and they’re well on the way. 2,000 cities from 80 countries have signed up to the initiative. Iconic landmarks will be shrouded in darkness – including dear old Nelson on his column, The Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, The London eye ••• and the Sydney Opera House. The event will “kickstart” WWF’s campaign to raise awareness of the plight of climate change and the effect its having on the planet. This is all to highlight the concerns to the global leaders heading to Copenhagen later in the year. WWF want people to sign up to this – and the address can be found here . So, brush off the candles, practice the romantic lines (you might want to give Nick a call – as he’s well versed) and enjoy no electrical light for an hour. I’m going to be wining/dining at home that night – so will be enjoying the relative darkness stuffing my face and poisoning friends and foe! Need to run – very late for a drink. Cheers Mark

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