They’re in

By Keri Lloyd | January 28 2019

They’re in

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    On a cold January morning, members of Bilbrook community gathered in the Jubilee Wood to plant an orchard.  Using money donated by the Greggs Foundation, 13 fruit trees were purchased and planted.  The trees included apple, plum, pear and gage, they were grown locally in Worcestershire and were all UK indigenous varieties.  Their fruits will be free to pick for anyone who visits the wood, which is located on Watery Lane in Bilbrook.  Even if all the fruit isn’t picked, it will become a valuable food resource for the plethora of wildlife which lives in the Jubilee Wood.

    An hour before the tree planting, the Friends of Bilbrook also took part in the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Bird Watch.  Bird species spotted included blackbird, bluetit, great tit, robin, song thrush, starling, wood pigeon, gold finch, green finch, chaffinch, redwing, gold crest, buzzard, magpie, dunnock, sparrow, wren, crow, buzzard and kingfisher.

    At the end, everyone gathered round the fire pit for a welcome cup of hot tea and toasted marsh mallows.  The fire pit had been purchased using money donated to us from Mid Counties Co-op in Codsall.

    We would like to thank everyone who came along to the event and Especially to the Greggs Foundation who made this all possible with their generous donation.  We’re looking forward to eating the fruits (pardon the pun) of our labour and what the community doesn’t eat, the wildlife will.

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