The November Mini eco-fair

By People's Republic of Southwark | November 25 2008

The November Mini eco-fair

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    Before I say anything, here’s a massive massive thank you to Sarah, Lynn, Paul, Steve and everyone else at the Spike for hosting the best event so far. On Sunday, the weather could not have been worse and it rained and it was cold and then it rained some more, but we all, collectively, pulled it off. The people from ARTE TV turned up around half 12 and stayed for the duration, alternatively filming the event and individual interviewees. It was a bit nerve-wrecking as I am not used to being on this side of the camera, but I survived to tell the tale. They were incredibly nice and hopefully enjoyed themselves. People started coming around half 12, 1 and things quickly picked up – Food for Health ran the seeds swap, Invisible Food brought the lovely wild teas, vegan food and liqueur, Sarah B had made a brilliant ‘free shop’ sign, there were Peckham diamonds and yummy leek & potato soup by The Spike, and music and fun. Lots of lovely and interesting people turned up and it was a really great opportunity to talk/pick people’s brains, catch up with friends. For me the event marked the end of a really good year and an almost beginning of a hopefully even better next year (certainly a much more ambitious one) – it clearly showed how precious spaces like the Spike are and how people can and are and will do things. So in December, we are having a break (filled up with lots of thinking, meetings, planning) but will be back with the events last Saturday of every month. Here are a few pictures for those of you who missed it! (photos by Ari and/or Isa Suarez

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