The Community and the River Brent at Quainton Street Open Space

By Carolina Pinto | January 20 2020

The Community and the River Brent at Quainton Street Open Space

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    Event 2, 21.11.19- River Brent at Quainton Street Open Space

    On 21 November 2019, we went to Quainton Street Open Space again for the second event of the series. The objectives this time were to pick litter from the park area and surroundings, and to open access to the river. But, we did much more than that… In addition to the proposed activities, the group of eager volunteers cleared the towpath making it safe for passers to walk on.

    In this cloudy and breezy autumn day, we started to work at 10.30 am, and stopped at 2.30pm, despite the call from volunteers to continue.

    Many peculiar items were collected, this time we found a collection of vintage bottle tops, a funny hat and other unusual pieces. It seems that there are small abandoned camp sites in the park, each of them containing huge amounts of litter. We are looking to have them all cleared after the third event on 30 November 2019.

    The aftermath: 58 bags of litter, 2 mattresses, as well as many clothes and shoes.

    During the event, there were also wildlife occurrences, and two were noteworthy: the presence of toads near the pond area, and a kingfisher. “It is great to see these organisms at Quainton Street Open Space, I couldn’t imagine that they would live here”, said a volunteer. We will continue to spot and report wildlife in and around the River Brent, highlighting the importance of biodiversity.

    In the next events that will happen in January and February, participants will have the opportunity to help the river and park area further, to expand their knowledge on the River Brent, meet other people, share experiences and expand their network. As well as building dead hedges and bird nesting boxes.

    Join us, your River Brent needs you!

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