The Burnt Oak Brook at Watling Park

By Carolina Pinto | July 14 2020

The Burnt Oak Brook at Watling Park

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    Last Tuesday the 7th of July 2020, Thames21 joined *BRaVE local volunteers clean up the Burnt Oak Brook that a tributary of the Silk Stream, that is a tributary of the river Brent, that is a tributary of the river Thames.

    This lovely brook in North London is much littered and needs help! With the enthusiasm of local volunteers (6 of us) we managed to take approximately 2 tons + of litter from the river (keeping our 2m distance from one another).

    This particular site is regularly used by many local residents to exercise, to walk their dogs, and to enjoy nature with their families. However, the litter is makes the site unwelcoming for many local residents and greatly damages the water environment. As a fact, of all the plastic that ends up in the ocean, almost half of it comes from our rivers and streams.

    To tackle these issues, a group has arisen from dedicated people from the local community. It is called ‘Friends of the Silk Stream’. The aim of the group is to care for the Silk Stream, recruit volunteers and run events to clean up the river and surrounding environment. To look after nature in the area. Please check their social media for more info and contact:

    Join us next time, and help us to do more for the River Brent. With the new government guidelines on COVID-19 safety, we might be able to have up to 30 people next time.

    The next steps of the Restoring Brent Rivers and Communities are to continue to clean the river channel and banks, to manage vegetation, and to start the river restoration action as soon as the permits are in place (expected for September 2020).

    The next event is scheduled for the 23rd July at 10.30am.

    *Brent Rivers and Valleys Environment = BRaVE

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