The Best Construction Material

By ernies tools | May 15 2021

The Best Construction Material

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    There is no “best” construction material. Construction uses a variety of materials chosen for their suitability for the different parts of the specific building. In the example of a house, foundations are usually made of concrete with steel reinforcement for low cost, durability, strength, water resistance, mass, and ease of placement.


    The upper construction is usually wood of different types including milled 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 for framing, plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) for shear walls and sub-flooring, particle board for underlayment if vinyl flooring will be installed, sheetrock for interior walls. Glass fiber felt and composition shingles are common roofing materials.


    Engineers spend time specifying material based mainly on availability and cost, but it also has to meet the design life of the project. Whether or not the material is exposed has a bearing. For example, if the wood is exposed it needs to be treated, but inside wood doesn’t need to be treated. You can buy construction supplies online at your convenience from a construction supply online shop.


    It depends on the soil itself, the surrounding environment (where the site is located, is it near a residential area? Or is it on a mountain? Or on a cliff? How often it rain? Does it located in an earthquake zone? And many more questions).


    In every case, the products used have differentiated and improved over the years based on user history, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation. There is no “best” construction material, just a family of materials used in the right places.

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