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    We at Cultivate Cornwall and TeX ended the year on a real high.

    We took on a new recruit who`s main aim is to help us get mobile! As we grow as a company, a team and with activities we have found a big need from participants to have a further reach into the community. Here in Cornwall social isolation and poor transport services means it is often a difficult task for potential participants to join in on events that many people would simply love to do. The help we have just received from #SembleUK and #Carling means that Danny can join the team and help us provide solutions to the community problems. TeX gets Mobile and now we can go to communities rather than them having to struggle or miss out as often has happened.

    Danny is one of our youngest members of staff but already he has been deep in action and has signed up for so many activities and events we have planned for this year. The first and biggest task this month will be the Wadebridge Swish on the 25th where we are expecting over 100 people to attend and we can do this now due to the help from Semble, the Carling Fund and now with Danny.

    Did I mention Danny is a Vito ? Danny the Vito can seat 6 people, it can carry more than we need at this moment and is so welcome to the team.

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