TAP Filipino Elders Centre Stage!

By Tony Bloor | July 14 2019

TAP Filipino Elders Centre Stage!

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    Although 10% of our membership originate from the Philippines we have not previously held a cultural celebratory event. So we very much welcomed an approach from a group of our Filipino elders asking if they could put together one. We were able to obtain generous sponsorship from British Land as part of their annual Volunteering Day 2019 in which staff volunteers provided a crucial role of facilitation and support. 81 people turned up with over 40 Filipino elders some of whom brought their families and grandchildren along. 14 TAP Filipino members plus 6 British Land volunteers delivered a memorable and spectacular cultural event with lots of traditional food, music, dance, singing, quizzes and even a fruit cocktail bar! The importance of the event was that it brought together elders experiencing isolation and loneliness from many different parts of the Philippines both culturally and language wise and put them centre stage! It strengthened bonds between each other and across our highly diverse membership. 8 different traditional dances reflected the main regional cultures with a finale of everybody singing the national song. It was also highly participatory with everybody being invited to take part in workshops and in testing their knowledge about the Philippines.

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