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  • Is it ‘Litter’, or is it ‘Rubbish’?

    Words have different meanings to different people in differing situations. Whilst doing a recent May Bank Holiday ‘litter’ pick I approaching a group of 6 teenage girls sitting on the sand and simple asked, ‘got any litter for my bag?’ [clearly seeing the litter around them] ‘No, don’t think so’, Read more [...]

  • Join the Food Waste Revolution!

    We are SOOOOOO happy at Perfectly Edible UK [PEUK] to have won the ‘Crowdfunder Stories Fund’ in partnership with Semble. Over the last 6 months we have made it our mission to create as many connections with organisations, supermarkets, local businesses, restaurants and charities so we can rescue as much Read more [...]

  • Let’s help the Share Shed go mobile!

    The Share Shed, Totnes’ library of things, is calling on people to support its campaign to win £48,599 of National Lottery Funding via the People’s Projects. The Share Shed is one of five projects in ITV’s West Country West region that could win a share of £3 million up for grabs across Read more [...]

  • Smooth(ie) Operators

    The debate was ferocious and the kids were divided. ‘‘It’s not a dragonfruit, it’s a prickly pear!’’. Fruit was prodded, sniffed and inspected with interest and apprehension. A few went for it.‘‘It’s nice and sweet! Yuk- the seeds are disgusting! Where’s the bin?’’ Seeds were spat out, controversy was in Read more [...]

  • Cool Yule Call for Climate Action

    Practical actions to limit the impacts of climate change were centre stage at a recent festive event in Wirral.  The Cool Yule 2018 event marked four years since the launch of Cool the Wirral Climate Change Strategy.  Visitors learned about progress with the strategy and ways to take action in Read more [...]

  • What’s Fresh at Castlehaven?

    It has been a busy few at weeks at Castlehaven’s Horticulture Hub. We finally have electricity, hooray! That means you will be nice and warm for our workshops and classes during the Winter months. We are half way through our festive calendar of adult workshops. The highlight being our popular Read more [...]

  • News from the Community Gardens November 2018

    News from the Community Gardens November 2018                                                                 Pumpkin harvested from the no-dig bed. Update      With winter feeling like it might arrive any day we have been enjoying the last days of autumn in the community gardens. The jewel like blooms of the fuchsias are still brightening Read more [...]

  • Surplus With Purpose

    Surplus With Purpose…I can quite honestly say that it was high fives all around in the Birley household when we came up with that name! It’s a simple concept, collecting surplus fruit and veg from allotments and gardens (with the growers permission of course) and hedgerows, then redistributing it to Read more [...]

  • News from the Community Gardens October 2018

    News from the Community Gardens October 2018                                               Red admiral butterfly on the buddleia. Update      What a wonderful autumn! We’ve enjoyed many a sunny day working in community gardens this month. The sedums continue to add some late colour to the borders, the recently planted Read more [...]

  • News from the Community Gardens August 2018

    News from the Community Gardens August 2018 Our volunteers enjoying a well earned break under the pergola. Update Finally it rained and with more forecast this week the gardens are returning to their green selves and starting to grow again.The bees have been loving the lavender which has thrived this Read more [...]

  • Camden welcomes new traders

    Camden is looking to licence eight kiosk sites to individual traders. The sites are in key locations through the borough and offer a great opportunity for both well-developed businesses and newly emerging sole traders to come in the heart of Camden and bring a unique experience to the local area. Read more [...]

  • Camden welcomes new traders

    Camden is looking to licence eight kiosk sites to individual traders. The sites are in key locations through the borough and offer a great opportunity for both well-developed businesses and newly emerging sole traders to come in the heart of Camden and bring a unique experience to the local area. Read more [...]

  • Vertical Farming

    Farmflex A flexible and climate controlled 40′ freight containerwith a state-of-the-art leafy green growing rack setup. This system gives you a fully automated 4-layer growing solution.LAYERS: 4 / SIZE: 40FT Standard functions 40 ft insulated container / Climate control / 1 irrigation system / Continuous monitoring / Custom-made LEDs / Basic control app/internet / Handling area Read more [...]

  • Let the Fun begin

    Today a group of the young people involved in the beach clean up started the next part of out project.   After a look at what rubbish we had collected the young people decided what they would like to sculpt  from it.  

  • News from the Community Gardens July 2018

    News from the Community Gardens July 2018 Update Well it hasn’t rained for weeks here in Chichester so we’ve been watering nonstop, not only in an attempt to keep the garden alive but to produce a harvest for our volunteers as well. The flowers have loved all the sunshine with Read more [...]

  • Summer Training Programme

    Capital Growth Summer Training Programme is now live! From July to October, we offer a summer packed with workshops that will help your gardening and food growing projects. Topics include forest gardening, seed saving, making natural remedies, discovering beneficial insects, building earth ovens, compost toilets, ponds and so much more. Read more [...]

  • Waste nations: How does your country stack up?

    It’s no secret that most nations around the world are hatching increasingly ambitious plans to combat our global culture of excessive waste ‘particularly of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials that pose an immediate threat to the environment. However, while it’s clear that we’ve all been culpable for a disappointingly slack Read more [...]

  • London Rivers Week!

    What is London Rivers Week? London Rivers Week aims to inspire people to take pride in our waterways, understand the challenges they face and come together to create a healthy future for our rivers. Check out the events we are running on the River Wandle, Hogsmill and Beverley Brook to Read more [...]

  • 3 ways removal companies can be more eco-friendly

    As problems associated with carbon emissions continue to grow, it has never been more important to prioritise a green approach for all businesses. This is particularly true in the removals industry, which has a large carbon footprint. While moving heavy goods around in big vehicles is the nature of the Read more [...]

  • Plogging: the eco-friendly workout

    I recently took up jogging, and after 25 years of little to no exercise, I have to say it’s been a bit of an uphill battle. Aside from my low fitness level, what I struggle with the most is the seeming pointlessness of running laps around my area. I’m not Read more [...]

  • Most popular renewable energies by country

    Due to the environmental strains caused by the overuse of fossil fuels, sourcing renewable energy has become a serious pursuit for many countries around the world. There are four main types of renewable energies: biomass (harnessing the energy stored by photosynthesis in plants), hydropower (using the flow of water to Read more [...]

  • What about the plastic?

    The New Brighteners have now been beach cleaning, as a group, since August 2013, and it has been another busy year. In 2017 we: Got involved in lots of litter related events: A big Bidston litter pick, and one with the Marine Conservation Society. Other picks took place in January, Read more [...]

  • Restart/Sewstart returns on Sunday 13th

    TTT’s next fixing and mending workshop is on 13th May.  Restart and Sewstart return for a fiesta of fixing, whether it’s electrical or electronic items that you don’t want to throw away or a sewing machine that is broken or you’re not sure how to use, we can help!  Or Read more [...]

  • T time’

    There’s a time of year that fills us with dread. It’s fast approaching. We deliver our environmental education activities with the benefit of a purpose made eco-exhibition van. We purchased the van after it was retired early from local authority service. It carries our exhibits. It provides a covered space Read more [...]

  • How we’re getting on

    It’s been a mixed spring for us on site with the weather playing havoc with certain bits and pieces. However, we’re now starting to sprout and bloom. We’ve had two new containers kitted out as a shop and a cafe, we’ve made several new business connections that will hopefully develop Read more [...]

  • Applications open for 2018

    Bright Green Future is an exciting national programme for teenagers between 14 and 18 who want to create a more sustainable future for our planet. It is a unique opportunity to learn about sustainability and environmental decision making. Throughout the year you’ll participate in training activities, a work experience placement Read more [...]

  • The importance of going green with investments

    It’s not just the earth that needs saving, all the people, the plants and the animals do too. So on some level self-preservation comes into protecting the Earth so that you, your family and future generations can safely enjoy everything life has to offer many millennia down the line. However, Read more [...]

  • The Big Dig 21st April

    We’re excited to be taking part in this year’s Big Dig, a Capital Growth initiative that aims to get Londoners growing together. Join us on Saturday 21st April from 11am to get the garden ready for another year of amazing fruit and vegetable growing. We’ll be sowing seeds, planting out Read more [...]

  • News from the Community Gardens April 2018

    News from the Community Gardens April 2018 Spring bulbs in the community gardens Update Even with this seemingly never ending winter the spring bulbs and our volunteers have been out in force defying the weather! The snow, ice and rain have not put us off and we’ve had a great Read more [...]

  • Houseplant Surgery with Alex

    As it had been ages since we have seen everyone at Hanover Court and Princess Gardens we thought it would be fun to do a house plant surgery for people to find out how to keep their houseplants happy and healthy.  As a lot of houseplants originate in the tropical Read more [...]

  • News from the Community Gardens March 2018

    News from the Community Gardens March 2018 Receiving our cheque from the Chichester Waitrose Community Matters Scheme. Update Firstly a huge thank you to the Chichester Waitrose community matters scheme for supporting us and their very generous donation towards our ongoing work in the community gardens which we’re so grateful Read more [...]

  • Love our oceans and hate plastic waste?

    Small changes make a BIG difference. As well as joining Refill London, and signing up Refill Stations across our capital, make the above 9 changes to your everyday as listed from our friends at Like this poster? Want to hang it up at home or work to remind everyone to do Read more [...]

  • Here’s to 2018

    Here’s to our first blog post of 2018. We hope you’ve had a great start to the year. 2017 was an amazing year for our environmental project, especially with the opening of our Horticulture Hub. It’s the perfect space for the local community and horticulturists to come and enjoy, and Read more [...]

  • News from the Community Gardens February 2018

    News from the Community Gardens February 2018 Autumn sown broad beans defying the cold weather. Update It’s been a wet and busy January with even the odd day of sunshine, but the ground is still pretty waterlogged! Our committed volunteers have kept regularly turning out to keep going with the Read more [...]

  • Could Australian Sea Power Fix the Energy Crisis?

    The future is full of fascinating technology, from 3D printing, to AI, to self driving cars and fascinating technology in transport. However, renewable energy has been a key area of interest with many incentives to invest in the research and development of harmful coal and oil alternatives. Timothy Finnigan, CEO Read more [...]

  • Are offshore windfarms the future?

    Globally, investment in the generation of offshore wind power grew by 40% in 2016, despite an overall worldwide fall in funding for renewable energies. Along with Denmark, the UK is one of the nations leading the global push towards offshore wind power ‘ which makes sense, given the suitability of Read more [...]

  • The November Plot

    The weather remains unseasonably mild down here on the south cost, and some of our flowers in our ‘pollinator patch’ remain. Cosmos in particular, hangs on!  We’ve had some chilly nights resulting in heavy dew (see cobwebs above, and ‘bunny’ grass below) Despite the chill, there’s been little frost so Read more [...]

  • Thoughts

    So as I have mentioned earlier that national story telling week is fast approaching. I am unsure whether my ambitious idea could be squeezed in as I am not a last minute success person rather a make sure everything is for sure. Just wondering what kind of events or things Read more [...]

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