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  • Clifton Suspension Bridge Volunteer Opportunities

    Would you like to learn new skills, meet new people, and share Bristol’s history? Since 1st January 1953 the Clifton Suspension Bridge has been managed and maintained by the Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust (CSBT), a not-for-profit charity. The Trust does not receive any local or national government funding but must Read more [...]

  • Kennishead Community Hall

    Kennishead Community hall is very busy with its activities on the roll up to Christmas, our Monday club 60+ is heading for a good auld time at panto to see Pinocchio, they have been busy with arts and crafts  and making Christmas decorations.  Our easy exercise class is purchasing  lots Read more [...]

  • October Update – Exim Dance Company

    October has shown to be a busy month from start to end here at Exim Dance Company. To find out more have a look below at the exciting news, opportunities and events that have been occurring for Exim this month. As always we would like to thank you for your continued support. Read more [...]

  • Fly Fishing Day

    On Monday we met up with Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol (DACA) who were keen to learn how to fly fish. We chose Carman Fishery because it is local and the perfect place to learn. On arrival the fish were all over the surface and we were keen to get Read more [...]

  • Electrofishing & Invertebrate Day

    Our ambition at the Trust is to understand more about the wider Loch Lomond catchment. A few weeks ago we finished up our electrofishing season by looking at burns which have not been surveyed before but are close to the local community . We looked at the Whiteleys burn and Read more [...]

  • Children and Young people Holiday Scheme

    Our holiday schemes give children the chance to try new subjects and have some fun. Summer activities Every summer we put on a wide range of free activities and events for all the family; from team sports , cooking, dancing, healthy living, sewing, fashion and design, day trips to seaside Read more [...]

  • The children take over The Berry Maze

    The children take over the Berry Maze It’s been a year and a half since the Berry Maze was planted, in November 2017. It was the result of a one year campaign which has seen the community coming together, donating time, money and skills to make this wild dream a Read more [...]

  • Growing Story Garden

    Nestled in the heart of Somers Town the Story Garden has begun to take root. Global Generation’s newest meanwhile space has been rising from the hardcore and concrete. With 10 days to go till opening on July 13th the garden had a skeletal form but was still greatly in need Read more [...]

  • Round and round the farm we go!!

    Our farm paths now go the whole way around the school farm, thanks to GM Building and Property Services Limited who gave their time to lay tens of tons of gravel.  The children can now do the daily mile on our back field, as well as safely reach the school Read more [...]

  • What a difference a day makes!

    These wonderful volunteers from RPS group created more paths around the school farm, shoveling tons of gravel in baking sunshine.  Now the pupils can safely reach the school chickens come rain or shine.  Thanks to RPS for working so hard and achieving so much!!

  • TAP Filipino Elders Centre Stage!

    Although 10% of our membership originate from the Philippines we have not previously held a cultural celebratory event. So we very much welcomed an approach from a group of our Filipino elders asking if they could put together one. We were able to obtain generous sponsorship from British Land as Read more [...]

  • Connected Conservation

    🐟🦟🌿 Connected Conservation Project 🐟🦟🌿   During June, we had the pleasure of working with Nat 4 Biology students from the Vale of Leven Academy to connect them to their local burn, the Mill burn.   To start, we told them about history of the Mill burn, and how it Read more [...]

  • Ayman’s Success

    Latest update from one of our volunteer mentors on the work she has been doing with Ayman, a young Sudanese gentleman who has been accessing our Employment Support Pathway. “Volunteering at the Jobs Club over the past 4 weeks has been fantastic. Following a short Induction session with the C4WS Read more [...]

  • 2. The Plane Tree Truth

    In the run up to London Climate Action Week (1-8 July 2019) I’m going to post a series of blogs entitled ‘Dear London Teacher’. The blogs will promote 33 great practical opportunities available to London schools. This second blog was inspired by the work of Trees for Cities. About a Read more [...]

  • 1. Dear London Teacher

    In the run up to London Climate Action Week (1-8 July 2019) I’m going to post a series of blogs entitled ‘Dear London Teacher’. The blogs will promote 33 great practical opportunities available to London schools. The first of these is described in joint letter to London Teachers from World’s Read more [...]

  • Very happy Activate students

    Now all three of the raised beds have now been sorted out with users.  Today we saw the students from Activate starting planting in their area.  Celery, potatoes and beetroot have been sown with more to follow next week.

  • The Power of Mentoring

    Jobs Club Mentoring- First Experience Mentoring is a vital part of the Employment Support Pathway. Volunteers come into our Jobs Club every Wednesday to assist people with all the necessary aspects of being able to access work, training, volunteering and education. For some, this is getting help with finalising a Read more [...]

  • Tate TAP Take Over!

    The Third Age Project (TAP) moved out of its Council Housing Estate base for three days in April to level 5 at Tate Modern on Bankside to deliver a very varied and exciting range of peer-led activities and performances such as crafts, music-making, jewellery-making and dance performances eg. Line Dancing, Read more [...]

  • Laying the ground work

    Since our successful application for the Leven Legacy Project our staff have been busy contacting local community groups, Schools, community councils, land owners, businesses and local councils to secure their buy in to the project and inform them of the amazing opportunities available to them. We have been overwhelmed by Read more [...]

  • Join the Food Waste Revolution!

    We are SOOOOOO happy at Perfectly Edible UK [PEUK] to have won the ‘Crowdfunder Stories Fund’ in partnership with Semble. Over the last 6 months we have made it our mission to create as many connections with organisations, supermarkets, local businesses, restaurants and charities so we can rescue as much Read more [...]

  • Job Vacancies: Mission Facilitators (Bushcraft and Forest School)

    The Hive are looking for energetic, skilled facilitators to lead outdoor missions for children at our (non-residential) camps in Greater London throughout the summer holidays.   ROLE: Mission Facilitators (Bushcraft and Forest School) COMMITMENT: Week-long (non-residential) camps during July and August (see dates below) FEE: £100-£130 / day depending on experience  Read more [...]

  • Confidence Club – An Introduction

    Often when I tell people that I work with teenagers the response goes somewhere along the lines of “Wow, rather you than me!” It makes me smile, because what they don’t understand is that teenagers are some of the most inspiring people you can ever hope to meet. Young people Read more [...]

  • 32. Find hope in the past

     #Love London. Love the World Climate Action 32: Find hope in the past (Global Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions)   Target audience: KS3 History students  What can Londoners possibly learn from the War?  Sometimes the problems faced by the people of London seem too big! How can we possibly stop knife crime? How Read more [...]

  • 31. Find wild life in the Knowledge Quarter

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 31: (Global Goal 15: Life on Land) Target audience: 5-9 year olds (and their families/ teachers) Wild for life Click here to read the comic Wild for Life 2. Explore the Knowledge Quarter on foot Now it’s time to explore an area of Read more [...]

  • Paid Opportunity – Community Gardening Worker

    St Luke’s Parochial Trust is a well-established, modern charity providing services, community events, and projects in the vibrant Old Street area of south Islington. At the heart of what we do is a large community centre that welcomes over 100,000 visits each year. We have a vacancy for a Community Read more [...]

  • A Recipe For A Rainy Day

    Best laid plans and all that. Here at Team North we’re used to coping with adverse weather but we had to go to Plan B for our planned day of gleaning with a team of volunteers from Liverpool. The Regional Food Economy NW project looks at ways to change our Read more [...]

  • A Mentor’s Perspective

    At each Jobs Club session we are supported by a team of amazing volunteer mentors from the local business community who work on a 1-2-1 basis with our guests to support them with developing and following through a personal plan based on their employment aims and dreams. One of our Read more [...]

  • 29. Replace car school journeys with …?!

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 29: Replace car school journeys with …?! (Global Goal 13: Climate Action) Target audience:  Key Stage 3 Physics London’s driving forces London is ever expanding and with many people having to travel to school, to work or just to visit any of Read more [...]

  • 28. Waste less

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 28: Waste less (Global Goal 12: Responsible production and consumption) Target audience:  Children age 5-9ish and their families Thomas the Tank Engine and the Circular Economy The Global Goals suggest that Londoners might need to be less wasteful in the future. You’re Read more [...]

  • 27. Use your superpowers to make music

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 27:  Use your superpowers to make music (Global Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities) Target audience:  Key Stage 3 Music students What is your superpower? After watching this video you are going to make a musical composition to inspire people to explore Read more [...]

  • 25: Epic Eco-inventions in London’s Creative Quarter

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 25: Epic Eco-inventions in London’s Creative Quarter (Global Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure) Target audience:  5-9ish year olds and their families (or classmates and teachers) Epic Eco-Inventions Read this great book on your phone, tablet or computer with your family (or your Read more [...]

  • Rising Stars

    We have been privileged to work with Pret a Manger’s Rising Stars programme for the past few years which offers people with experience of homelessness a three month paid placement with Pret, with a view to building a long term career with them. Over the years we have been able Read more [...]

  • 24. Go to a London theatre

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 24: Go to a London theatre (Global Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth) Target audience: Key Stage 3 English students Decent work – what does that mean? Discuss the cartoon with your class. What is ‘decent work’? London Limelight In this next Read more [...]

  • 23. Reduce fossil fuel use in London

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 23: Reduce fossil fuel use in London (Global Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy) Target audience: Key Stage 3 Chemistry students The boy who harnessed the wind William Kamkwamba became a self-taught windmill constructor in Malawi at the age of 14. He wrote Read more [...]

  • 22. Clean up London’s waterways

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 22: Clean up London’s waterways (Global Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation) Target audience: Key Stage 3 Biology students Invent a new toilet In 2011 Rohit, a 16 year old from India, decided that toilets were wasting too much fresh water. He Read more [...]

  • 21. Equal play for London’s children

    #Love London. Love the World   Climate Action 21: Equal Play for London’s Children (Global Goal 5 Gender Equality) Target audience: Younger children (5-9 years old) and their families Equal play for London’s children Evidence suggests that gender stereotypes start early and can narrow children’s aspirations. For example, STEM toys are three Read more [...]

  • 20. Make London your outdoor classroom

    #Love London. Love the World Climate Action 20: Make London your outdoor classroom (Global Goal 4: Quality Education) Target audience: London’s school age children  We believe that a Quality Education (Global Goal 4) should include learning outside the classroom. Why? Read the Muddy Hands report here. Sign your school up for Read more [...]

  • 19. Improve air quality around London’s schools

    #Love London. Love the World Climate Action 19: Improve air quality around London’s schools (Global Goal 3) Target audience: Key Stage 3 Chemistry students  London Refuelled With a population of over 8 million and many people commuting to London for work every day, transport is a key issue for everyone. London Read more [...]

  • 18. End food poverty in London

    #Love London. Love the World  Climate Action 18: End food poverty in London (Global Goal 2) Target audience: Key Stage 2 Science students Zero hunger (Global Goal 2) Read the cartoon below and discuss it with your class. Then move onto section 2. 2. Digging where you stand Start doing something practical Read more [...]

  • 17. No poverty in London (focus on Global Goal 1)

    #Love London. Love the World  Climate Action 17: No Poverty in London (focus on Global Goal 1) Target audience: Key Stage 3 Geography students The World is not equal. Is that fair?  This lesson plan introduces poverty, its definition and potential solutions with a focus on the value of education. It Read more [...]

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