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    Litter Fish

    Thank you everyone that joined Thames21 at Quainton Street Open Space to help the river Brent. The 19th of September was World Clean-Up Day. People from all over the world joined this green wave of clean-ups, including ourselves! On the day the group was subdivided into three smaller group according Read more [...]


    Project Update: August/September 2020

    In August and September we have so far donated 7 more anti-suffocation pillows to families across London. We are so glad we have the opportunity and are able to help these families (thanks to the funding from Greggs). Here is one story from a parent of how the Anti-Suffocation Pillow Read more [...]


    News from the Community Gardens September 2020

    News from the Community Gardens September 2020                                                     Grape vine doing well at the Bishop’s Palace Vegetable Plot. Update      We hope that you are all still keeping well. With the recent covid restrictions being tightened we’ve had to keep session numbers Read more [...]


    Wild Trails Haircut

    The trend of getting a “lockdown haircut” was not just for our team members but also our wild trails path on the east bank of the River Leven. Exercise was important during the lockdown, with government guidelines allowing an hour of outdoor exercise which was later extended to unlimited outdoor Read more [...]


    Autumn Update

    CSCG has been busy behind a closed gate for a while. We’re happy to say, we are now open again on Fridays (subject to socially-distanced numbers, of course) from 10.30am until 3pm. Our honey bees have stayed busy throughout and have been kind enough to produce some spare honey for Read more [...]


    How do we make time pay in Eastbourne?

    What time we have is precious. So when we use some of that precious time to help others – our friends, relatives, neighbours, or vulnerable others in our community – then that time is of immeasurable value. Especially now, during this global pandemic and economic recession. Especially here, in Eastbourne, Read more [...]

  • Thumbs Up

    Our project will endeavour to make full use of the outside space at the charity building, meaning that we can enjoy using the outside space and increase the number of people able to access the community cafe which recently opened.  We hope that people with severe mental health problems will Read more [...]

  • News from the Community Gardens August 2020

    News from the Community Gardens August 2020                                The Bishop’s Palace Vegetable Plot looking beautiful in the early morning light. Update      We hope that you are all still keeping well. Finally, with the lockdown restrictions being relaxed we have just started up some of our sessions again, Read more [...]

  • Continuation of the secret garden from home

    Due to the virus, the DOSTI Ladies have not been able to attend their normal sessions at the centre where they regularly enjoyed exploring the secret garden. However, this has not stopped them from using their gardening techniques elsewhere. They have continued to stay active as they have been involved Read more [...]

  • Project Update: June/July 2020

    Throughout June and July, we have continued to be busy behind the scenes donating many more pillows and helping our families as best we can during these difficult times. Here’s what some of the parents who have recieved pillows had to say: “I just want to say a BIG thank Read more [...]

  • Just doing our bit


  • Dear London Teacher

    ​Dear London Teacher, I am delighted to let you know that the second full London Climate Action Week (LCAW) will take place between 14th and 20th November 2020.  A Covid friendly, 3 day, Digital LCAW took place between 1-3 July 2020. Every London school is invited to take part so that their students are Read more [...]

  • Lessons Learnt in Lockdown

    As we reflect on the first quarter of the financial year, we wanted to share a short update on how Smart Works has adapted our interview coaching and clothing service during the pandemic. This has been an important milestone and we remain so grateful to our funders, include the Regent’s Read more [...]

  • More than 100 days

    On Saturday- 4th of July 2020, Thames21 joined dedicated local volunteers to pull some Himalayan balsam from the banks of the river Brent. We experienced the freedom, the sensation to be back in the river, to be doing something to help the river once again, to meet up in person Read more [...]

  • The Burnt Oak Brook at Watling Park

    Last Tuesday the 7th of July 2020, Thames21 joined *BRaVE local volunteers clean up the Burnt Oak Brook that a tributary of the Silk Stream, that is a tributary of the river Brent, that is a tributary of the river Thames. This lovely brook in North London is much littered Read more [...]

  • Update from the Community Gardens July 2020

    Update from the Community Gardens July 2020                                                           The Bishop’s Palace Vegetable Plot full of produce. Update      We hope you are all still keeping well. Finally, with the lockdown being relaxed we are beginning to look at reopening some sessions again, albeit in a Read more [...]

  • If you go down to the Brook today…

    You’ll be in for a furry surprise, especially at Hilcote setback outfall on Normanton Brook in South Bolsover District, Derbyshire.  A local wildlife photographer Ian Wilson has told us that he has spotted 5, yes 5 Water Voles around the outfall. Hilcote setback outfall is a project we successfully delivered Read more [...]

  • Ted Styles You

    One of the most popular programmes within Jobs Club is Ted Styles You. This is an initiative we run in partnership with Ted Baker to support guests around confidence ahead of interviews and starting work through clothing – and style! A four week course, each week guests work with staff Read more [...]

  • Coffee and catch up in a Virtual World

    We have 10 active Businesses in our River-Friendly Business scheme, and keeping in-touch during Covid-19 hasn’t always been easy. Some businesses have been in shutdown since March and some have ramped up production of Covid-19 essential products, but all have faced a shift of focus to their Core Business. We Read more [...]

  • Backyard Nature

    I have just signed up to be a guardian of my patch for Backyard Nature. My patch, in this case, is a place in the far corner of my school’s grounds. We call it the Wild Area.  My school, Glebe School, shares our patch with our neighbouring school, Hawes Down Read more [...]

  • The Slow Ways to racial justice

    No one can win the war individually. It takes the wisdom of the elders and young people’s energy. (from the song Glory, by John Legend and Common.) I am a white British hetero-sexual middle aged man (I refuse to accept any older description than that!!). I am very aware of Read more [...]

  • Tower Hamlets

    Hello everyone! For this year’s Great Get Together, I’m sending postcards to the people in my area I know are self isolating. I know they are lonely and I’d like to do something to cheer them up…and maybe start a few pen pal relationships.

  • Watford Doorstep Dance Party!

    In Watford, we’re having a doorstep dance party on our street at 7pm on Friday, June 19th. We will play music really loudly and everyone on our street has committed to coming out to dance!

  • London N15

    Hi Great Get Together! I’m new to N15. I moved house just before lock down so haven’t had a chance to really meet my neighbours. I felt for this year’s Great Get Together, I could do something delicious and simple to start building connection with them. I’m going to bake Read more [...]

  • Update during lockdown

    Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we have replaced our football training sessions with an online fitness programme that includes elements of football to continue to reach young people across Regents Park estate. Sessions are based around physical fitness, mental wellbeing and peer support. This online fitness programme allows our members Read more [...]

  • Moving Jobs Club Online During COVID-19

    The coronavirus and the lockdown measures that followed put many well-needed charity sector services into a difficult position in terms of their provision. At C4WS we transformed the employability support run through Jobs Club to be able to function online and remotely. Jobs Club is designed to help the people Read more [...]

  • Supporting Older People During Lockdown

    Our community has been hit very hard by the Covid-10 Pandemic and in particular those having to be shielded and seen as extremely vulnerable due to frailty, poor health and living alone often far from family and relatives. Our highly popular older people’s activity hub in Cumberland Market had to Read more [...]

  • Winter Night Shelter Jobs Club Review

    Jobs Club – a community teamwork initiative to help guests return to work  This season of the winter night shelter marks the sixth year of Jobs Club, the service that supports homeless people to reach their employability aims through one-to-one mentoring. Initially designed to help people who need to gain employment Read more [...]

  • Project Update: May 2020

    In what has been a very difficult time for many people, we would like to try and bring some HOPE with this update! This month we have donated 7 more anti-suffocation pillows and have been able to continue our support (albeit virtually) to our families. Sending all our best wishes Read more [...]

  • Miles of fun, and then….relax

    Hi! Once again communicating from my bedroom where there is (relative) peace and quiet. Well, what a couple of weeks it has been! We got our activity bags packed and delivered but ended up having to do over 90 due to the increase in our numbers throughout lockdown. The bags Read more [...]

  • Doorways 8. Teach a Girl to Swim.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the shipping forecast. I’d listen eagerly to find out what Grandma and Grandad Kelly could expect to see from their window as they looked out into the Firth of Forth. And, no matter when I listened, there always seemed to be storms blowing in Viking. Read more [...]

  • Six weeks in…..

    Six weeks in: Well we do find ourselves in a rather foolish position as it seems that this ‘COVID19’ is not all that it is cracked up to be; ie NOT contagious and not spreading like wildfire as expected. OK, to date, we have lost some 27,000 souls but at Read more [...]

  • Caring for the carers, keeping in touch

    Hi everyone! As we work through yet another week of lockdown and social distancing, we’ve been really busy behind the scenes at Tanga! Firstly we did ANOTHER video with some of our members and volunteers, this time in appreciation of our NHS and Key Workers. This can be viewed on Read more [...]

  • Week4: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

    4 weeks in:- The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Well folks here we are, 4 weeks into this somewhat boring, relentless ‘lockdown’ and it is easy to see that the natives are starting to get restless. There is only so much cleaning, sweeping, polishing, gardening etc a person can Read more [...]

  • Bradford PHAB Covid 19 Response

    We have now started our Food Delivery service twice a week for our most vulnerable families and the feedback so far has been brilliant with everyone being so appreciative during these uncertain and unprecedented times. Alongside this we are now delivering our safe contact online activities every evening at 8pm Read more [...]

  • Project Update: April 2020!

    We are now many months into our Anti-Suffocation Pillow Project and we have been able to donate many more pillows to children with epilepsy. As always, we want to thank Greggs for supporting this project, enabling us to provide these pillows which help not only the parents but also the Read more [...]

  • Doorways 3: Food for Life

    Today I want to focus on one project that I cannot praise highly enough: Food for Life. I make no apologies for lifting all of this blog directly from their website. It is their Covid19 letter and can be read directly here. The only other comment that I want to Read more [...]

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