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By Charlie Russell | June 02 2019

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    Just Enough has had the pleasure of going into Our Lady’s Roman Catholic Primary School and delivering the first County Lines workshop under this funding for packages, the other topics they chose to have delivered were radicalisation (53 children reached) and slavery (58 children reached) The children were really excited to see us again and they were able to identify the links between the workshops.

    Here is some of the feedback;

    County Lines 

    • “I learnt that drugs are really dangerous”
    • “Never trust strangers”
    • “Drugs control your emotions”
    • “What county lines is”


    • “Engaging and informative. Thank you!”

    In this workshop we are able to explore how drugs effect your brain and what it does to you, how gangs use children to commit these crimes, what happens if you are caught carrying drugs and why money suddenly means so much to us.

    There is something really lovely about this workshop and that is the promise which is made between the children to help keep each other safe.

    With what is happening all around us, in the media and on our streets, education on these topics is the positive step to be able to safeguard and raise awareness for children in a fun and interactive way that doesn’t shock or scare them but is able to use games and drama to inspire them.

    The next school that we are going into is Argyle Primary School and the topics they have chosen are; Inclusion, Health & Happiness and Hate Crime which will cover all their year groups across the school, this is an amazing amount of education that they have been able to access thanks to this amazing and life changing funding.

    To date we have 4 school places left and we are excited about booking the next schools and also seeing what topics they pick.

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