Splashing into 2019

By Andrew Gee | February 20 2019

Splashing into 2019

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    Well, following on from our amazing award from the Greener With Greggs fund we’ve been able to equip ourselves with some fantastic equipment to help us keep our river free from the litter of modern society! We now have a selection of chest waders in a wide range of sizes to fit just about anyone who turns up to our popular sessions, along with a good supply of gloves and some vital safety equipment.

    To encourage youngsters we have a bathyscope which gives them the opportunity to look close up at the river bed and spot anything that shouldn’t be there. It’s also a great way to observe the little creatures that call the riverbed their home.

    The Fairies have been wrapped up keeping warm over the winter but now that Spring is upon us we’re about to welcome lots of old and new faces to our project. Our volunteers come to us from our local community; residents, park visitors and more recently a group from our nearby university (UWE). It’s a great mix of young and old which bodes very well for the future of the project.

    When we’re not busy scouring the river and its banks for plastics, dog’s balls, shopping trolleys or car tyres it’s lovely to just sit and rest and wonder at the beauty of the location and the tranquillity it gives us. A flash of blue as the Kingfisher artfully navigates it’s way a few feet above the water on the hunt for its dinner and very occasionally a glimpse of an otter at play a safe distance away.

    Regular visits from a wide variety of bird life including Dippers, Heron, Jay and our resident population of Ducks and Geese means that the day is never anything but exciting and extremely rewarding.

    2019 sees us putting a lot of effort into attracting more families to the Fairies and focusing on the educational opportunities our activity provides. We look forward to bringing regular updates of our progress and extend our very best wishes to everyone everywhere doing their bit to preserve and protect the environment we all so depend on.

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