Sowing Seeds for Local Food – May update…

By Sarah Fawkes | May 07 2021

Sowing Seeds for Local Food – May update…

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    So, here we are, about half way the project and we have been sowing all sorts of seeds so that passers by can pick up a free pot of seedlings to take home and grow on.

    We have sown our own peas, beans, pumpkins, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and broad beans. However, we have also found that spliting up mint plants, taking strawberry runners and splitting chives bunches, have given us more plants to give away too.

    Last weekend we were given a whole tray of borage seedlings, a great herb to eat, but also the purple flowers are an attraction for bees because of their ablity to refill their nectar sacs very quickly. They grow well locally and their star shaped flowers good for freezing in ice cubs for summer drinks!

    So, this week we have concentrated on continually sowing peas and other veg but also started sowing herb seeds and flower seeds to help bring bees and other pollinators into local gardens.

    Finally we have made a connection with the local food hub and are giving them extra seedlings to giveaway, and have planted some sunflowers specifically for them to give away to any children that visit them.

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