Six weeks in…..

By Phil Johnson | May 03 2020

Six weeks in…..

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    Six weeks in:

    Well we do find ourselves in a rather foolish position as it seems that this ‘COVID19’ is not all that it is cracked up to be; ie NOT contagious and not spreading like wildfire as expected. OK, to date, we have lost some 27,000 souls but at six weeks that is a mere 9,000 deaths per week compared to the flu virus of 2014/15 when the figures topped 13,000 per week!

    It seems that this virus is wiping out our elderly population rather than younger, though that is not to say that people under 50 are immune to this weird strain that the medical/scientific world has not yet come to grips with. And, almost bizarrely, and without absolute proof, almost all deaths are being put down to ‘…..and possibly ‘CoronaVirus 19’ ’ which most conveniently avoids the expense of any post-mortems. There are cases where an elderly person has simply died of respiratory failure due to age & general infirmity, yet they apparently died of COVID19! Eddie Large is a classic example of a patient, already in hospital with major heart problems, but suddenly died from/because of COVID19! For convenience sake the government have ordered all deaths to be due to COVID19 related symptoms-which is grossly unfair on the grieving families around this country.

    Now we look at the sometimes totally ludicrous actions of our now not so beloved police forces around the country! It has been determined by government that your funeral can be attended by 5, maybe 6, of your nearest & dearest-because of ‘safe distancing’ rules, yet, ‘Mr Ibiza, former gangster Clive Pinnock was allowed in excess of 100 guests/mourners at his funeral as police considered “Our overriding priority was to ensure that the wider public were kept safe.” Now considering that the vast majority of the ‘general public’ cared not a jot for the now demised Mr Pinnock this was an appalling decision by the plodsters, based on fear, to allow a gangster the funeral of a hero for fear of ‘it all kicking off’! The force’s decision was criticised by members of the public on social media. Many families have been forced to hold remote funeral services for loved ones who died since the coronavirus lockdown began.

    As it happens gunshots were fired in at the Gorton funeral and then the gunman was stabbed – what a splendidly friendly black gangland event where plod allowed such a gathering ‘in the interests of ‘public safety’!

    We’ve had the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire going way over the top, exceeding his limited remit (ie, Westminster Guidance rules-not law) by insinuating that shopper’s bags would be searched for ‘unnecessary shopping’. How ridiculous is that? The man obviously feels that his public duty is not to safeguard the public but to nick little old ladies because they’ve treated themselves to an extra treat or two. And who is this pompous CC to decide who buys what, where & how? CC Nick Adderley is a total control freak and has been slapped down by high ranking Ministers of Gov’t. Rightly so too in this writer’s book. How can man/wife live together 24/7 yet be ‘ticketed’ & fined £60 for walking hand in had to the shops, or completing an exercise walk etc, it is beyond all common reason. What Mr (Pol Pot) Adderley seems to forget is that Boris Johnson issued ‘GUIDANCES’, nothing had been passed into law.

    The other major problem we now have is that an awful lot of the British Public are now totally fed up with this lockdown order. Initially it was a ‘great wheeze’ as they had time off work, some sort of payment guaranteed by gov’t and some free time! “Yabba-Dabba-Doo”! Problem now, after 6 weeks of this ‘holidaying’, is that people are getting fed up with this lockdown, restriction of freedoms and are running out of money. It’s great that you have all this time to do as you please but not so great when you are drastically short of the old ‘holding folding’ (as Del Boy was wont to say). Life with no work, no money and very little to look forward to is a very, very boring existence and most people will naturally strive to ‘out’ that situation, get into work and become self sufficient once more. It’s called British Pride.

    The other big, big problem is that because of COVID19 and hospitals concentrating on COVID/possible COVID patients (and remember that there is ‘no specific test’ for COVID19) cancer patients are NOT getting their proper treatments and thousands of operations have been shelved, causing thousands of people to suffer for longer than necessary. The far reaching effects of this man made virus from a far off land  are virtually unthinkable so the sooner we start to return to normal (whatever the new normal may be) the better off this country will be, though of course our hearts will always go out to those who have lost family members to this COVID19.

    Think on folks!

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