Selce launch our third share offer

By Giovanna Speciale | November 18 2019

Selce launch our third share offer

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    We (South East London Community Energy) have launched our third share offer. We are raising £260K  to install solar panels on four sites in SE London. See

    • Projected 3% return on investment
    • Sites will generate 217,326kWh of clean green electricity and reduce CO2e by 80 metric tonnes annually
    • £40,000 of surplus will be used to expand the work we are already doing to reduce fuel poverty in London

    The next share offer will support St Luke’s Church in Downham, Thamesmead and Coldharbour Leisure Centres in Greenwich and The Aluna Moon Clock to access low cost, carbon saving solar electricity.

    Join us and be a community energy pioneer. You can invest anything between £250 and £20,000

    If you are not able to invest, please, help us spread the word. Every spare penny we have get used for fuel poverty alleviation work. We don’t have a marketing budget to help us get the word out about our share offer. We rely on good people like you who want to see a cleaner, greener, and fairer SE London to share the message with your friends and networks?

    Join us. And if you can’t join us, share us.

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