Scaling through Impact

By Eve Williamson | October 22 2018

Scaling through Impact

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    As a Sheffield born event ticketing platform with a conscience, Tickets For Good is leading the charge in a new wave of digital fundraising.

    Whilst there are many ticket distributors and sellers in the marketplace, Tickets For Good is the only UK platform that builds charitable donations and fundraising into every step of the customer’s online journey across a full cross-section of events.

    Tickets For Good is run as a lean tech business with a roadmap to scale, but this isn’t where their story starts and ends. With a business model that recognises ‘impact’ before ‘profit’, Tickets For Good has carved out a niche in a high-growth market.

    In excess of 124 million tickets are sold for music, theatre and sporting events in the UK each year. As operators in this space, Tickets For Good deliver an easy-to-navigate and secure sales and distribution system for event producers and event goers. But it is our commitment to fundraise and widen participation to events for disadvantaged and marginalised groups, that is setting us apart from the competition.

    The positive impact they deliver (for charities and within the events industry) is threefold:

    – Ten percent of all revenues collected from ticket sales are pipelined into monthly charitable causes.

    – Customers are given additional opportunities to donate at checkout.

    – Tickets For Good has created an audience development service to help events gift free tickets to charitable organisations, for their beneficiaries to access events, distirbuted through our Ticket Bank program.

    Our Ticket Bank – awarded a Big Lottery Fund grant earlier this year through our Tickets for Good Foundation – has already brokered 300 ticket donations in partnership with 60 charities; breaking barriers to entry for marginalised groups of event goers across the UK.

    Since launching its beta site in 2017, Tickets For Good has raised in excess of £5,000 for charitable groups, have made over 15,000 sales and achieved more than 10,000 registered users. Later this month we’re are set to announce a partnership with a national venue provider and event host, a move that is predicted to supercharge the social impact of this innovative tech business.

    We’d love to hear from you with any thoughts or feedback – get in touch anytime directly with our founder Steve Rimmer on

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