Saturday 8th November

By Project Dirt | November 07 2008

Saturday 8th November

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    What’s cooking with Project Dirt’s homepage?

    We’ve changed the homepage. Why •••? The last one was a bit complicated, didn’t have enough nice pictures ••• it wasn’t personal enough. So – it’s now about chatty blogs, pretty pictures and getting the design cleaned up a bit.

    It’s good to have a community feel ••• so we’re putting interaction at the top of the menu. So please do give us some feedback on what we’re doing; the good, the bad, the ugly… do you agree with our blogs, are we heading in the right direction, are we missing a beat?

    Perhaps more importantly, what do you think of the ‘new look’ homepage?

    For me, the real reason for changing this page is to generate more of a buzz, a community feel – to increase momentum. To do this – we need to help you feel more engaged, develop a common consensus, and encourage our members to be more and more active on the site.

    The blog is going to be running daily, almost – we hope ••• well, we’ll try. So new blog by Sunday night ••• suggestions welcome.

    Cheers ••• Mark

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