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    This blog will take you on a journey through the enrichment and development of your River Stour as it runs through the old Forge Lodge site within the industrial heart of the Black Country. It will inform you of times when you can join us on site, opportunities to learn new skills and keep you updated on the installation of the board walk, reedbed and the community orchard or our outreach work with local community groups and school groups.

    The funding from the Greggs Foundation  #Greggs4good is a launch pad to get people like you  involved and develop a love and respect for our River Stour. This project will engage the local people, encourage them to love and learn the wonders of the commonly overlooked wildlife corridor right on their doorstep, if you live further afield do not worry all are welcome.

    If you wanted to learn about the wider aims of the Severn Rivers Trust charity and how you can help from your own home, then why not come down, call or drop me an email and speak to me (Tom) the Urban Rivers Officer.

    Are you, yourself interested or do you know someone or someone who is interested in getting involved in activities like, wildlife walks and talks, tree planting, litter picks or have you ever wondered what life resides in the depths of our River Stour. Maybe there is something else you have an interest in and we could develop a session around it.

    if you get a chance to please do say hello,


    Tom – your friendly Urban Rivers Officer.


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Thomas Hartland Smith