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    What was expected to be a cold, dull and grey day, ended up being a bright and energetic winter day in the field. This time we focused on vegetation management, as we are close to the bird nesting season, and we need to do as much as we can before the beginning on March.

    To do that, Thames21 brought all the tools and counted on local help and the important participation of members of the Canal & Rivers Trust and Semble.

    The aims of the event were to:

    • Reduce shade in the pre-selected areas;
    • Start to work around the pond area;
    • Create 2+deadhedges with the branches/offshoots;
    • Open up river views and access points.

    All the volunteers were very good, putting a lot of effort in the work, it is not always easy to work with vegetation.

    Everyone was always checking if they were doing the right thing, cutting the right branches, and making sure I was ok.

    We also had very experienced and knowledgeable people in our team this time that helped to point out what would be more beneficial in this particular area.

    At the end, at 2.30pm, the site already looked very different, more welcoming according to participants.

    Looking forward, despite the growing numbers of volunteers we need more participation, there is a lot more to be done. Please help us to improve and promote the next events.

    Join us for more events in 2020.

    Your River Brent needs you!

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