Project Update: June/July 2020

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    Throughout June and July, we have continued to be busy behind the scenes donating many more pillows and helping our families as best we can during these difficult times.

    Here’s what some of the parents who have recieved pillows had to say:

    “I just want to say a BIG thank you for the pillow which we received this morning. My daughter is so happy with it and is using it for her nap. Thank you so much it’s really appreciated. We can finally sleep a little bit better now.”

    “Thank you for this, honestly I really appreciate it a lot. I have followed you in facebook. I’m grateful I came across your website. I was just looking but really didn’t think anything like that is available. Thanks once again.”
    “Thank you so much for all your support. You’ve provided me with so much information and I’m very grateful.
    My son has always been a fit, healthy, sports mad kid so for this to come out of the blue has really had quite an impact on us.
    Every bang I hear makes me jump to my feet in a panic. I can’t get the images out of my head of finding him having seizures. What prompted me to email you guys was because I heard  a bang at 4am in the morning on Wednesday , ran to his room and found him on his bedroom floor having a seizure. Thankfully I was awake having  just got in from work 30 mins prior. My fear is what If I was asleep and hadn’t heard him.
    They are really quite traumatising to witness too. Having a pillow has given us so peace of mind.”
    We hope everyone has been keeping well.  Sending all our best wishes from the HOPE team.
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