Project Update: August/September 2020

By Francesca | September 19 2020

Project Update: August/September 2020

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    In August and September we have so far donated 7 more anti-suffocation pillows to families across London. We are so glad we have the opportunity and are able to help these families (thanks to the funding from Greggs).

    Here is one story from a parent of how the Anti-Suffocation Pillow has helped them:

    D was 13 months when he had his first seizure. To witness D seizing and hear the name of epilepsy as the diagnosis of his condition was the shock of my life. His seizures were nocturnal and happened only when he was in sleep. Night time became alert time for us. We put him in our bed between my husband and I so that we feel any unusual movements before seizures. To have the Anti-Suffocation Pillow of HOPE was a relief for us. We felt relieved to know that if we have fallen asleep and if D is having a seizure at night, he will not be suffocated.

    Thanks to the funding we can donate these pillows to families like the one above.

    Sending all our thanks and best wishes from everyone at HOPE.

    (Below are photos of some of the children and young people that attend HOPE)

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