Power of 10

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    The power of people coming together is so fierce and powerful. Just that vibe alone knocks me off my feet no matter where the crowd is especially when it comes to supporting someone in need. Now that is activism. Imagine what 1 pound is able to do. We all give to charity, right? And most of the time we have no clue of what has happened with the money or who is benefiting from it.  I bet you have either attended or taking part in a charity fundraiser where you buy a table or you buy produce. Well, that’s one of the types of events that I want to run all proceeds will go towards a new person or family in need each time. All attendees and donators will be aware of the person who will benefit from the funds. I hold this close to my heart because of the way how people are struggling on a day to day basis. With simple everyday tasks and situation. It is them that I want to support. I myself am struggling to make ends meet so I understand the struggle.

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Raisa Mcclarey Francis