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    The Trust is now a member of the local “Outdoor and Woodland Learning” group and we were at the launch event held at Balloch Park. The purpose of this group is for environmental and conservation groups, like ourselves, to share educative outdoor activities with teachers and early year’s practitioners. It is hoped that interested parties, as part of their own professional development, can learn how to conduct different survey methods or outdoor activities themselves. This way they can obtain or borrow equipment necessary to perform these activities and ultimately teach these outdoor conservation and environmental activities on their own to their own students.

    The Trust was there to promote pond dipping and river sampling which presented very interesting results. Unbelievably the small pond next to the car park in Balloch Park had newts, water beetles and snails. The newts certainly caught a lot of attention on the day – from the small and from the big kids! The burn flowing into the pond also had caddisfly, stonefly and mayfly present. The cased caddisfly had pretty much fooled everybody into thinking that they were just twigs and branches from the trees- until they started crawling around the tray.

    We showed interested individuals the equipment we use, how to use them correctly and helped everyone identify the different inverts using keys and magnifying glasses. We were also able to talk about the invertebrates, their interesting lifecycle and the importance of them being there. Everybody was amazed at what could be found in their local waterways and many would like to have their school involved.

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