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    The weather was perfect…..the fence posts were easy….and we had volunteers this Saturday. We welcomed back both Aaron and Mehesh who made short work of the fence posts on quite a lot of the last stretch of the smaller stretch of the snake in the Healing Garden. We put in 33 posts and made room for more next week. We are really beginning to see a finished project. We should finish this stretch by the end of August then there is only the entrance area to finish. Those will be the 90 cm posts which are a bit more difficult for us both to pry out and to get into place. After much though about the entrance afrea we have decided to leave a gap of the shorter posts (80 cm) in the front where traditionally people have cut across the top of the garden making a muddy path. We will find stone work from the original Healing Garden (there are plenty of bits of decorated wall scattered in the undergrowth) and use these to make a footpath across the top of the first mound. That way we will both direct foot traffic and bring back a design element from the original garden. I’ve been unable to find any pictures of what the area looked like back then but I will keep looking. Till next week!

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