Next invisible food walk

By Ceri Buck | September 17 2008

Next invisible food walk

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    There’s going to be another invisible food walk on Sunday 28th September. We’re going to meet outside the billboards on the corner of Loughborough Road and Coldharbour Lane, very near Loughborough Junction station, at 12 pm on Sunday. we’ll aim to set off about 12.15pm so please arrive on time. We made jam this Sunday that’s just gone with the last of the mulberries from the tree in Loughborough Park. After 2.30 I’ll probably go down to Brixton Square – in front of the library – with some teas and jam to join the reclaim the food event. A group of people who cook up food which has been skipped from New Covent Garden market and other places to give away for free. The point of this event is to show how much waste there is in our society, give away healthy food for whoever wants it and to create a space to gather for people who don’t want a society of growth and waste and surplus and unequal distribution of wealth. You would be very welcome to join me and help me take the very funky thermos flasks I have down to the event. For further details or info, please call me on 07963 446605. And I’d appreciate it if you could confirm you’re coming and let me know on the day if you’re going to be late. If it rains, let’s have a quick phone call but we’ll probably cancel and re schedule. Cheers Ceri

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