By Magic Club | December 11 2020


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    This year we were so grateful to receive core funding from the Greggs Foundation to help us continue our work during Covid 19. It has been an incredibly difficult year for so many organisations and individuals, so that belief from our work from Greggs and the opportunities it offers us for our beneficiaries was so timely.

    One of the other great parts of this funding was the delivery of two storytelling workshops with other grantees, hosted by Semble and delivered by StoryThings.

    Now we all have a bit of Zoom fatigue and to-do lists as long as our arms, so I am a bit embarrassed to say, I didn’t really join that first workshop with an ‘All-in’ mindset. But within 20 minutes I was there, present and fully engaged.

    The time and space to really think about the stories we tell and how we tell them was invaluable. This is one of things that many of us have put on a back burner for months, but I found it so important to reignite that very small, very tired flame.

    The result of those workshops was the Magic Club’s first Christmas campaign #MoreThanAYouthClub¬† It is a idea that has been lingering in my head in one form or another for almost two years. The workshops helped me formulate that idea into a fully fledged campaign, which is something personally and as an organisation we have never done before.

    We have struggled for a long time about how to tell our story, without seeming to take advantage of the situations in which many of our families live. Using objects to illustrate our work, has made this so much easier. It is also a model we can use each year.

    To see the campaign posts so far take a look on our channels and let us know what you think, likes, shares and comments are gratefully received!

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    – Have you run a similar campaign?
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    Drop me an email laura@magicclub.org.uk ūüôā

    The campaign continue each week day until Friday 18th December


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