Monday 30th March

By Jess | March 30 2009

Monday 30th March

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    Linking up London Workshop On 2nd April (this Thursday), London 21 is holding it’s Annual General Meeting. London 21 Sustainability Network promotes, supports and networks community-based initiatives for a greener and more sustainable Greater London.
    Linking up London Part of the London 21 meeting will be a workshop ‘Linking up London’ which is aimed at getting people to air what they want and need from networks and also to discuss how different networks can work together. It’s free and open to everyone and anyone attending is welcome to bring a poster and / or information about what they do. It will take place at the Essex Hall (1, Essex St., just of the Strand) on Thursday April 2nd from 6 – 9 pm, formal proceedings at the AGM will be from 5 – 6pm.
    The workshop will focus on the following:
    • What networks exist – from established London and borough level forums and organisations to informal e-networks, blogs, wikis and newsletters • Why people use (and don’t use) networks) • How different networkers can share information to maximise impact and avoid duplication • How networks can enable organisations to be more effective (without taking up too much time) • What people and organisations want from a network • Who would like to help develop more effective networking for London
    For more information, click here and open the word doc uploaded on the file storage box.
    We’ll certainly be attending, it’ll be a great chance to find out what’s going on in all London Boroughs and we encourage anyone that’s interested to head down too.
    It will of course mean that the PD hardcore won’t be able to make it to Balham Green Drinks but there’ll be a table reserved, as always, at the Balham Bowls Club for those of you who’ve organised to go there instead (ask Alan at the bar if you’re unsure where it is).

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