Monday 24th November

By Project Dirt | November 24 2008

Monday 24th November

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    Project Dirt is racing ahead
    49 new members joined last week and things are growing rapidly. This is a quick blog about how we (nick and i) see Project Dirt and our plans to take it forward. Project Dirt IS YOUR SITE. It’s a members site. It’s been set up for the benefit of the users and members. It’s is about helping the members become more environmental, getting the ball rolling and getting momentum behind the projects. It’s a user driven site – so we have no agenda, no real constraints. Environmental activities and information should be available to all. The site is self regulating. Nick and I are here to make sure it moves in the right direction, hits the right points and grows into a decent community where info and activity can be exchanged and carried out. We’re keen to build a PHASE II site, to make things run more smoothly, attract more people and projects. MORE PEOPLE = MORE INFORMATION We’re committed to expanding Project Dirt. The bigger the community, the more there’s on offer. More people make it a better information resource and catalogue of activity. We’re looking to expand across London soon, so there should be an influx of new movers and shakers. This will give you access to a greater number of projects, people and activity – some of which may link in well with what you’re already doing. Please, please keep the feedback coming our way. We’re always looking to keep Project Dirt moving in the right direction and echo the members needs, wants and also concerns. Cheers •••.. Mark

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