Me, my children and the pandemic

By Autism Voice UK | June 10 2021

Me, my children and the pandemic

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    Nicola was a fulltime carer and a volunteer at Autism Voice before the covid-19 pandemic. Nicola became depressed after the March lockdown. ‘Home schooling three children with disabilities was incredibly stressful,’ she mentioned adding that she was also stressed about providing food for the family. ‘It was horrendous queuing for food and not knowing when we were going to get delivery,’ Nicola said. Her daily life was particularly disturbed by homeschooling as she had to put household chores aside while she focused on homeschooling. She said the march lockdown was particularly stressful because she didn’t know what to expect. Nicola realized that her children were stressed during the second lockdown and found homeschooling boring. ‘I was stressed too and wanted the children back at school. It was stressful and robust which was more painful’, she expressed. Nicola said she had anxiety and it got worse because she did not have time to attend sessions at Autism Voice. She discussed the challenges she was facing with the team at Autism Voice and a mental health support plan was developed for her. She received regular weekly calls from an assigned volunteer. As the children returned to school, Nicola has started her volunteer role, attending weekly support group ‘It’s just a tremendous feeling that I can’t put into words. It’s reassuring. It’s a mixture of different things, knowing I can support people and then benefits so much from their different experiences,’ She expressed.

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