Making Memories through Photography

By Aspiring2 | October 07 2019

Making Memories through Photography

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    Todays group were amazing as always. Our group consisted of cares and those living with Dementia. This time we used older pictures of eachother and transferred then into black and white copies. During lunch sharing tea and cream scones we took the opportunoty to take photos of individuals to create a new memory of the day.

    Many carers caring for a loved one rarely see spontaneous smiles on the faces of those that they care for and equally rarely get time to smile themselves.

    After lunch our photographer printed out the photos of the day while we all worked as a team to create some wonderful picture frames. Using the black and wide photos we created a border which then surrounded todays beautiful colour photo

    Here are the results. Hope you like our project, thank you to Greggs Foundation we love our project.

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