Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust School of Fishing and Conservation

By Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust . | July 12 2019

Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust School of Fishing and Conservation

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    Last week was the premiere of our summer angling school, providing an opportunity to young people of West Dunbartonshire to explore the local aquatic environment and learn how to fish. This project was part of our Leven Legacy Project and the Trust were delighted that Tullochan were keen to be involved, having 8 young adults eager to take part.

    On the first day together we explored the Carrochan burn – a typical urban burn full of rubbish including bottles, fences, traffic cones and chairs. Thankfully looks can be deceiving as we uncovered an abundance of aquatic life.

    Firstly we sampled the invertebrate life and found a variety of mayfly, stonefly, caddisfly and freshwater shrimp, suggesting the burn is in fact very healthy. We then had a look at a selection of trout flies that were kindly donated to the Trust which resembled the invertebrates we found in the Burn!

    We then found an abundance of fish from a short electrofishing demonstration which provided the students a chance to safely handle, identify and measure the fish. Atlantic salmon, brown trout, freshwater eels and stone loach were all identified and released back to where they were caught.

    Lastly we had a go at setting up and casting a fly rod. There was impressive casting skills on show, especially for their first time holding a fly rod. Before we finished up for the day the students found out what it feels like when a fish takes the fly on the end of their rod. We certainly had a lot of volunteers to be the fish!

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