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    Thank you everyone that joined Thames21 at Quainton Street Open Space to help the river Brent.

    The 19th of September was World Clean-Up Day. People from all over the world joined this green wave of clean-ups, including ourselves!

    On the day the group was subdivided into three smaller group according to activity: River clean-up, river bank clean-up, and vegetation management.

    Again, we counted with the important participation of partners including Ashford Place, a representative from XR Brent, and Mindful Chef.

    We removed a lot of litter from the river and surroundings including 40+ full black bags of litter, bulky items: two bikes taken out of the river, and various peculiar items: an old scooter, a water gun and pieces of clothing. At the other end of the footpath, an estimated amount of 15 cubic metres were collected.

    In the end we built a ‘litter fish’ that was photographed from the air to increase awareness of this huge problem that our waterways currently face.

    Most volunteers mentioned coming back to the next events. Here are some feedback given by participants:

    “I found it fantastic and very humbling to see all the volunteers working. It was very eye opening to see the amount of rubbish taken out of the river.”Giles- MindFul Chef

    “I’ve done something, got out of my comfort zone, it is great to see everyone focusing on the same goal.” Mark Ross- Ashford Place

    “It was a good number of people, everyone went to a different group. There is a lot of work to do to bring the river back to where it needs to be in terms of its ecology.” Olivia Brocklehurst- Local Resident Volunteer

    “It was extremely fulfilling to work and help to improve the river Brent and its ecology. Hopefully, projects like this can grow, increase and go to other sections of the river.” Dave Fineberg- XR Group Brent

    “I feel very well after participating in an activity like this, the atmosphere was very friendly, and I would definitely join again.” Roberto Santini- Local Resident Volunteer

    **The next steps of the Brent Rivers and Communities project are to continue improvements in the park area and river through river restoration actions.

    Come join us in the next events, I will soon be sending some new dates for the next activities taking place in the river Brent.

    Your River Brent needs you!

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