Let’s help the Share Shed go mobile!

By Mirella Ferraz | April 04 2019

Let’s help the Share Shed go mobile!

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    The Share Shed, Totnes’ library of things, is calling on people to support its campaign to win £48,599 of National Lottery Funding via the People’s Projects.

    The Share Shed is one of five projects in ITV’s West Country West region that could win a share of £3 million up for grabs across the UK. The winners will be chosen by public vote in early April.

    If successful, the Share Shed will go mobile – extending its service beyond Totnes to the towns and villages around – as the world’s first mobile library of things. The project lets people borrow items at minimal cost so that they don’t need to buy them – for gardening, carpentry, cooking, camping or more.

    Sharing helps to bring people together. It connects us with others, improves our personal wellbeing and promotes community resilience. By winning the vote, the Share Shed will help more people to use less resources, reduce waste and improve the wellbeing of our natural world.

    Councillor Pam Barrett from Buckfastleigh said As soon as I heard of the Share Shed, I wanted to bring it to Buckfastleigh. We’re a small town and lack many facilities. Our inhabitants are often isolated or on low incomes. Sharing tools and other equipment is a natural response to empower people and to build connections.”

    Mirella Ferraz, the Share Shed Coordinator, added: ‘The Share Shed helps people to get things done which frees them up to spend time on the things that matter. It connects us to other people and brings the community together. Going mobile would strengthen our community and inspire positive shifts in thinking around consumerism, collaboration and resilience.’

    The People’s Projects has awarded around £42 million to 960 good causes across the UK since it started in 2005.  

    Voting is open until noon on Monday 15 April 2019. People can vote once per region and will need a telephone number or email address to vote. To support the Share Shed, please visit www.shareshed.org.uk/myvote and vote!

    For more information about the Share Shed, visit www.shareshed.org.uk.

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