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    Since our successful application for the Leven Legacy Project our staff have been busy contacting local community groups, Schools, community councils, land owners, businesses and local councils to secure their buy in to the project and inform them of the amazing opportunities available to them.

    We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from the local community to take part in this project and to see it succeed. We knew going into this project that we would have a lot of support as the locals of the Vale of Leven look out for each other. It is this sense of camaraderie from the communities of the River Leven that will help us to achieve our project goals.

    Despite this, all of the tributaries flowing in the River Leven require work. They suffer from fly-tipping, run off from farms, diffuse pollution, invasive non-native species, removal of tree cover and modification of their natural course. While we cannot return every tributary back its former glory, we can certainly improve what we have. Education will play a major part in changing peoples attitudes, and help them to think of their local environments as an asset, rather than something to be overlooked and abused. For this to be achieved, we need to engage with as many people as we can and offer a number of different opportunities to connect with the river system. While some people might enjoy workshops, we know for others it can be a total snooze-fest. This is why we have been meeting with local people and groups to hear what they are interested in, and what is important to them so they are made aware of all the incredible opportunities coming up and made possible by the funding received from the Greggs Foundation.

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