Latest Cool Steps update now available

By Bryan Lipscombe | October 15 2018

Latest Cool Steps update now available

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    The latest Cool Steps progress report is now available online (links to pdf).  The report is the fourth in the series of annual updates on Wirral’s climate change strategy.  It details steps taken from August 2017 through to July 2018 to advance each of the strategy’s aims.   The report is prepared by the Cool Wirral Partnership, the forum established to champion local climate change action in Wirral.

    This year’s report continues to present a mixed picture highlighting where progress is being made and where things have not advanced as hoped:

    Greater energy efficiency

    Several advances have been made on energy efficiency with 1492 LED street lights installed around Wirral and the start of work on an ultra-low energy combined heat and power system at Wirral Met College.  However, the number of new energy efficiency improvements being installed in homes continues to be below that anticipated.

    More renewable energy

    Looking at renewable energy, Ørsted opened a new operations base to service its offshore wind farms.  Installations of solar photo voltaic panels were up on the previous year, but remained a small fraction of the number being installed prior to reductions in the feed in tariff incentive scheme

    More sustainable travel

    An e-vehicle event was held in Birkenhead to harness growing interest in electric vehicles and show case local businesses.  Improvements in cycling infrastructure also continued along the A41 corridor and in and around the Wirral Waters docks redevelopment area.

    Reducing indirect impacts

    The climate strategy seeks to minimise waste and encourage re-use of materials. However, residual household waste continues to rise in spite to local efforts to the contrary.

    Assessing risk and developing resilience to unavoidable change

    There continues to be limited local progress in relation to adapting to climate change, although a bid was  developed for funding to support a sustainable drainage scheme at Coronation Park.

    Building capacity for action

    With respect to raising awareness and building capacity for action, several events took place including Wirral Earth Fest, a faith and climate change workshop and a school climate challenge.  Wirral Chamber launched a new Wirral Energy & Environment Forum for local businesses.  A survey found nine in ten Wirral residents believe in climate change, higher than the national average.

    Looking ahead, the Cool Wirral Partnership has reviewed progress implementing the climate change strategy and has now identified 13 priorities to focus on in the final year of the strategy period:

    • A communications programme
    • An event programme
    • A climate faith network and hubs
    • A green map of Heswall
    • Developing a ‘Sustainability Central’ programme to showcase the transition to a low carbon, climate-ready place to be focused on Wirral Waters and surrounding areas
    • Cycle parking at rail stations
    • Solar generation opportunities
    • An e-vehicle on-street residential charging pilot
    • A circular economy initiative
    • Promoting climate adaptation risk assessments
    • Developing climate and health tools
    • Liverpool City Region strategic ask
    • Promoting sustainability appraisal tools


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