Just found out I do have a place to blog after all

By Sue | December 05 2008

Just found out I do have a place to blog after all

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    Mark has asked me to start blogging… just try and stop me! We had the second Balham Green Drinks last night – another great show. So many interesting new people to meet.. and a real sense that we can support one another to take action. Looking forward to getting low energy light bulbs in the BBC bar and to our next drinks on 8th January when we are going to focus on brainstorming an ESCO for Balham – what might it look like?, what models could we learn from?, what resources would we need?, is it really worth doing? I am going to use this blog to talk about what I am doing.. For example, I have been looking into the Sustainable Communities Act this morning. It’s essential that all our councils sign up to this – they have to opt in. We need to encourage them to do this.. but people have told me that before and it hasn’t really meant anything.. so I am going to do some research and find out. Any insight gratefully received! Love Sue

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