Just Enough have a goal:

By Charlie Russell | February 19 2019

Just Enough have a goal:

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    And that goal is…to educate every child and empower them to believe they can make a difference in the world, whether it is large or small. We are so excited to be working this year with Regents Place Community Fund (again!). Last year we worked with primary schools in the regents place area to educate children on Modern Day Slavery and Radicalisation. This year the topics have expanded and the schools’ choice just got bigger. Schools now have the options between any of our workshops completely free for their school! Whether its tackling Knife Crime myths, Hate Crime stereotypes or the reasons behind mental health and our own happiness, Just Enough and Regents Place are working together to let children know that we care.

    So far this year we have been working with schools on which topics they would like their school to learn, County Lines is a popular choice so far. County Lines is really interesting to look at with children of this age group because it can include a lot of elements of our other workshops Modern Day Slavery, Radicalisation and Knife Crime. Often topics are linked and that awareness can help us spot vulnerable children, help protect them and make sure all our pupils are able to look out for each other.

    The topics we teach are difficult, and you may be wondering how we do it without scaring the children. The way we see it, children know so much! If we can be honest and open without scaring or shocking them, then we are onto a winning combination. If you can make someone laugh they are more likely to listen to you – that’s the Just Enough motto. We are so confident in the way we talk to children we have even opening a phone line that children can call 24/7 and speak to a real ‘Just Enoughian’ who will be able to help them feel safe, answer any questions or provide advice on their situation. Head to the Buzzline on our website www.justenoughgroup.org . The main goal? Just to listen! Sometimes we could all do with being listened to a little bit more. We are here for your children, every day.

    Our workshops use drama and interactivity to get children really thinking about their communities and world. We believe in them, I hope you have faith in the next generation too!

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