1. Write a manifesto for London National Park City

By Martin Crabbe | February 24 2019

1. Write a manifesto for London National Park City

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    Climate Action 1 (#Love London. Love the World)
    Target audience: 11-14 year old geography students
    1. ‘Green London?’
    ‘Green London?’  aims to give Key Stage 3 geography students the chance to investigate how ‘green’ London is, with a particular focus on
    • the purpose and value of green spaces
    • the Green Belt
    • urban regeneration and biodiversity

    It is explored through Kew RBG’s global work. The unit invites students to develop a manifesto for the changes they’d like to see in London as the world’s first National Park City. The resource was awarded Silver by Geographical Association’s Publishers’.

    Special acknowledgement to Alice Griffiths, a teacher and writer, the Royal Geographical Society and the Museum of London who collaborated to make such a great resource.

    2. Introducing the Global Goals 

    After writing their manifesto for London’s first National Park City why not  introduce students to the Global goals through an animated video hosted by Malala. After watching the video students should consider whether their manifesto supports the Global Goals (and adapt as necessary). Enjoy!

    3. Background to this resource

    This project aims to
    1. Connect London’s schools to great resources based on their city and
    2. To suggest ways to introduce a global perspective to their work.
    Each blog will be based on 2 major curriculum resources available freely to teachers:
    1. The London Curriculum – developed by experts in their field working in partnership with the Mayor of London and his Education and Youth team.
    2. The World’s Largest Lesson – produced by Project Everyone in partnership with Unicef to help schools address three major challenges:
    • End extreme poverty
    • Fight inequality and injustice
    • Tackle climate change
    Each blog will aim to provide ways for teachers to reflect on these big issues through their own contexts, subject areas and from a London perspective.

    Thanks to the teams at City Hall and Project Everyone for providing these great resources . Some of my blog has been adapted from their websites.

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