Heeley City Farm Floats Our Goat!

By Cat Ross | August 23 2018

Heeley City Farm Floats Our Goat!

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    It was great to meet up with CEO Sue Pearson and some of her amazing team at Heeley City Farm in Sheffield. The farm is a busy, growing and developing projects that lead the way across Sheffield in its breadth of reach and remit.

    It’s main site in Heeley contains a wide range of opportunities for the community to experience life on the farm, housing numerous rare bread animals, a small animal house, and several allotments.

    The farm has an amazing community vibe with its garden shop, caf’ playground and a wide range of volunteering opportunities and programmes for young people, adults with special needs and even a dementia garden to provide a quiet and contemplative space for older people.

    It can often be all hands on deck when you visit, I even had to help rescue and escaped goat.

    Its history and heritage are part of its story and the heritage team embrace the opportunities to engage others in it with the round house and forge a highlight for visiting schools.

    It was exciting to see the roundhouse, that was built by a team of Fragomen volunteers coordinated by Project Dirt in 2017, still standing strong and serving the farm well.

    The Heeley Farm team have set themselves the next goal of developing their outdoor classroom. This will create opportunities for schools to visit the farm and participate in the activities as part of their curriculum.

    As with most community projects, the biggest challenge faced by the farm is sustainability. With over 170 funding streams it is no mean feat to ensure the farm will be around for years to come.

    Project Dirt hopes to support the farm in linking in with other city farms across the country and helping them to shout more about their work across the city and indeed the UK.

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