Growing Story Garden

By Global Generation | July 27 2019

Growing Story Garden

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    Nestled in the heart of Somers Town the Story Garden has begun to take root. Global Generation’s newest meanwhile space has been rising from the hardcore and concrete.

    With 10 days to go till opening on July 13th the garden had a skeletal form but was still greatly in need of community growing beds, iconic skip planters, a shaded yurt and lots and lots of earthy wood chip to cover level out the site. In this critical moment 45 volunteers from Welcome Trust joined us at Story Garden as part of their Community Action Summer Season. Coming together over three days the groups transformed the garden with passionate care and attention and a lot of sweat!

    The garden was a hive of activity as the volunteers dug deep to bring our garden to life in time for the Somers Town Festival a day of celebration in Somers Town where we were able to throw open the yellow gates and let the garden flood with families and local residents.

    With the help of the Wellcome Trust volunteers the Story Garden is a warm invited space for ideas and growth to take place, the first line of an exciting story..

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