Greener with Greggs – Wrapping up

By Bryan Lipscombe | July 26 2017

Greener with Greggs – Wrapping up

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    Time for another update on the model making. Alan has been working hard wrapping one of the two semis with insulation.  Previous the side wall and top floor ceiling had been insulated. Now the rear wall and floor have been insulated too.  Soon attention will focus on creating a new frontage – one side insulated the other not (you get the picture). Once we have the building envelope sorted, it will be time for some testing with internal heating sources and the thermal imaging camera.  All things going well we hope to put the model to test at an event in September. Watch this space for more updates. Until next time here are some photos of the recent ‘wrapping’

    Creating a frame at the rear…

    New insulation installed…

    Insulation under the floor…

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