Greener with Greggs – The house conversion in progress

By Bryan Lipscombe | July 16 2017

Greener with Greggs – The house conversion in progress

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    Time to share some photos of the house conversion in progress.  We started with a single dolls house but need to convert it in to two semis.  The idea is to contrast one with the other.

    The conversion is not with out its challenges.  Thankfully Alan –  a Sticky Exhibits volunteer – is making good progress.  The first job was to clear out the original floors, walls, fixtures and fittings, much to be re-used in the conversion.

    Next up a new internal dividing wall.

    Next up getting ready for the new floors and ceilings

    Time to measure up some new floors and ceilings.

    One of the two semis gets some insulation.

    With new first floors cut, it was time to start playing with refitting the staircases from the original dolls house.

    It has proved tricky to get the detailing right.  We are trying to make two properties that look similar.  There has been much fiddling with the old railings.

    Here is a photo with two stair cases fitted one in each property.

    The ultimate aim is to contrast one semi – an uninsulated house – and one semi – and insulated one.  Here is a photo showing wall insulation being added to one of the properties.

    Good progress has been made but there remains much work to do to get the exhibit ready for use with the wider public.  From our past experience there is a need to factor in plenty of fiddling time to get the exhibit to work properly.  Thanks to Alan for taking a lead on the conversion so far and for taking lots of photos to show off our ‘Greener with Greggs’ funded work .  Tune in for more updates soon.

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