Greener with Greggs – testing time

By Bryan Lipscombe | August 01 2017

Greener with Greggs – testing time

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    With some key elements in place, testing has now begun.  We need to start looking at the model through the thermographic camera in order to find out how well different heat sources look.

    Here we have an image of the ground floor gable end of the uninsulated property:-

    You can see the heat coming through the wall of the ground floor room as an orange colour in contrast to the upper floor room where there was no heat source.  In this case we used a cup of hot water..

    With the heat source in the insulated side there is no contrast between ground floor room (heated) and first floor room (unheated), although heat leakage can we seen at the floor level (clear orange line)

    In the process of registering a heat signature we are now better placed to plan how to heat the property. It’s probably going to take longer than we’d hoped which is typical when trying to get an interactive exhibit to work as desired!

    Thanks once again to Alan for sending the updates.

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