Greener with Greggs – Science under the stars

By Bryan Lipscombe | February 06 2018

Greener with Greggs – Science under the stars

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    There was a great response to the house at the recent ‘Science under the stars’ event in Heswall. The event attracts a mix of families and educators and has a strong sustainability theme The model provided a useful conversation starter to introduce the benefits of insulation.

    It was the first ‘live’ test of our new heating system. Sadly it didn’t perform as well as hoped and we had to resort to cups of hot water to supplement the pipes. There are many variables at play. On this occasion it was the first event we’ve done where the model was indoors so likely to be  higher ambient temperatures. As we helped discuss ‘science under the stars’ we had our own science puzzle to ponder to come back with a new and improved heating solution…

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