Greener with Greggs – Preparing for ‘live’ test

By Bryan Lipscombe | September 05 2017

Greener with Greggs – Preparing for ‘live’ test

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    With an event coming up on 9th September it is all hands to the pump to get the exhibit ready for its first live test.  It won’t be the finished model, but hopefully one ready enough to test the basic principles.

    The front is quite a complex element. It needs to be light enough to hinge open yet strong enough not to fall apart. It also includes doors and windows – one side to be double glazed and insulated.

    We started by making a frame to give the facade strength.

    It was tricky to get the hinge fitted without splitting the frame.

    With some careful pilot holes drilled to enable the hinge to be attached, the facade could then be glued to the frame.

    The window and door frames are now being added.  Hopefully we can get a basic working model together in time for Saturday!

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