Greener with Greggs – our project begins

By Bryan Lipscombe | July 07 2017

Greener with Greggs – our project begins

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    Delighted to begin our #GreenerwithGreggs journey!

    Earlier in the year we inherited a dolls house with the hope that one day we could use it to create an interactive model to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency measures. Thanks to support from the Greggs Foundation we have now begun work doing exactly that.

    Our project which has been running since 2005 aims to help start conversations about sustainability using interactive exhibits, props and models. We can’t wait too add a new home energy interactive model to our collection and start to use it to raise awareness locally. Watch out for future updates to see the transformation of the dolls house into two semi-detached houses. One will be insulated, the other not. We will use a thermographic camera so people can see the benefits.

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Bryan Lipscombe

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